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Mobile gaming just got serious

“…Gamevice turns the iPad into a badass portable gaming machine”


“(Gamevice) makes gaming on your iPad Mini as comfortable as playing in front of your TV”


“Gamevice transforms the iPad into a portable video game console”


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Gamevice + iPad

Slide your iPad into the Gamevice and you’ll have the most powerful
gaming handheld in the world.

iPad Mini

iPad Air

iPhone 6
Coming Soon!

Legit Console Control

Dual Analog Sticks, Sturdy Twin Triggers, The Classic D-Pad and
a button layout you’ve been using for years

Hundreds of Games

No matter where you are you now have access to playing console games.
Everyday the list of games grows so be sure to check out hands-on.


Over at Hands-On, you’ll find details of all the games that support Gamevice – all you have to do is pick your favorites and start playing. Hands-On has news, previews, reviews, and skill guides – exclusively for all the games that let you play them with the controls you know, just like you do at home. So no more wading through 1000’s of games on the App Store, no more struggling to try and play your games with a touch screen – welcome to the future of handheld gaming!

Latest news at Hands-On

DeNA’s take on Final Fantasy is finally on its way to North America. by Jason Venter Last year, Square Enix partnered with the prolific development team at DeNA and produced a mobile title called Final Fantasy: Record Keeper. Now, Shaun Musgrave of Touch Arcade reports that the title has been confirmed for release in the west. Apparently, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper keeps many of the elements that have been so popular in the main Final Fantasy series throughout the years, including the ATBs (active-time battles) and a lot of old school visuals. However, it makes numerous concessions to current design trends, as well. “The ...read more